Dienstag, 7. Mai 2013

Gamifiy Pledging

Newcomer GameLaunched comes up with an interesting approach, gamify pledging. The elements:

  • Experience points: For every $1 you contribute to a project, 10 XP points will be awarded. Those contribution XP are only collected if the project reaches it's goal and the funds are processed. After a project reaches it's goal, your XP will appear in your user profile. The other way to gain XP is through the share button. If you share a project to one of our social media sites you will earn 5 XP per share.

  • Leaderboards: will go in effect in the next few months and will be retroaktive. Look for the leaderboard to see the most active users on the GameLaunched site.

  • Virtual Currency: XP points are redeemable for games and merchandise in the GameLaunched marketplace.

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