Dienstag, 7. Mai 2013

Chinese Crowdfunding


Crowd funding has made it easier for ordinary people without much money to start their own companies,

said Zhang You, co-founder of Demohour. Launched in July 2011, Demohour is China's first crowd funding website. It has been followed by dozens of others, including Musikid.com for music projects, Tmeng.cn for movie producers and Emielife.com for designers.

I was inspired by the huge success of Kickstarter.com, the most influential crowd funding platform in the US I think Chinese people also need such an opportunity to realize their dreams,

said Zhang. For project initiators, crowd funding websites not only provide an alternative to gather money, but also allow business people to promote their products and gauge market interest.

Supporters gave us so many wonderful suggestions. One of the ideas we adopted was selling lampshades with bulbs included,

said Jiang Zhaoning, a developer of intelligent light bulbs who received crowd funding to the tune of 40,000 yuan. To Jiang's surprise, several venture capital groups contacted him after Demohour displayed his project.

Crowd funding websites are effective in promoting products. And they're really cheap! 

said Jiang. Zha Li, founding partner of venture capital (VC) funds "Istartvc" and "Dragonvest Partners" inShanghai, regards crowd funding as a necessary alternative to existing forms of investing, such as private capital (PE) and VC. View Full Story
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