Sonntag, 28. April 2013

Swogo Talking

At age 22, Anthony Ng Monica has already completed two successful crowdfunding campaigns to fund his startup, Swogo. We recently caught up with the young, tech-savvy CEO to learn more about his business, crowdfunding for equity, and why buying a laptop can be so damn frustrating.

Eric Blattberg, Before we jump into crowdfunding, tell me a bit about Swogo.

Anthony Ng Monica, Swogo: Swogo is a free online service that helps anyone make expert purchase decisions in just 60 seconds. At the moment, we recommend laptops in the U.K. and U.S. We’ll shortly be expanding out into recommending tablets, cameras, smartphones, and televisions.

Anthony Ng Monica
How did you conceptualize the service?

I had the idea while working in an IT support position while in university. I’d have people coming into the office asking what products to buy, and it’d take me a couple of hours before I was comfortable making a recommendation. In the end, I became frustrated that every week or so I was asked to spend two hours of my time helping someone [buy something], so I decided there had to be an easier way. I went to search engines, YouTube, and price comparison sites, all of which offered mountains of information but no clear answers — the process was just ridiculous and spanned across so many different sites. So what I envisioned was asking someone the questions a clerk in a store might pose; basically, we try to be ‘the human guy’ online. Read more at

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