Sonntag, 28. April 2013

Middle Americans: The Dark Side Of Crowdfunding

Two odd German dancers relocate to the oil fields of North Dakota promoting their minimalist dances at a rural strip club. It's funny.

About Middle_Americans:

Middle_Americans is a seven-episode web comedy created by me, Rachel Morgan. It's about two European friends, Guter Helmut and Aslaug Slaug, who try to fulfill their life-long obsession to become dancing legends all over the world. Recognized--even glorified--as European celebrities in the underground minimalist dance world, Guter and Aslaug's dreams are sorely tested when the North Dakota oil boom-town fails to appreciate their dances—and their eccentric personalities. The satirical tone of this web series is rooted in the cultural misunderstandings between the girls and their new home in North Dakota.

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