Mittwoch, 6. März 2013


Bank To The Future

Pitch of the Month

BF about BF

We are offering you a new way to invest small and large sums of money in a way where you can see exactly who it goes to and choose the way you get your return on investment.

As you are now able to become a stay at home angel investor, an online venture capitalist or become your very own bank, starting from as little as £10, we consider everybody a potential investor at You can receive returns in three different ways, and as somebody looking to raise finance and invest, you can raise money in three different ways, bringing new money to inventors, businesses and investors.

Hundreds of millions has already been raised through CrowdFunding, now it is finally your turn to access the money you need and to support other inventors  businesses and entrepreneurs looking to bring new products to market where you become the first in the world to get them.

A BF CrowdInvestment allows UK companies to offer shares to the crowd through the platform, just like a public company on a stock market.

he bank does not want to lend to businesses any money, we can now do it on our own. A BF CrowdLoan allows credit-worthy businesses to borrow money for their company from the crowd, rather than a bank, paying the interest directly to investors like you.

At, we have put these three forms of CrowdFunding into one product yo help UK inventors, businesses and investors access new money.
This new way of accessing finance from the Crowd is a world’s first and led to us winning the British Innovation Of The Year 2012.