Mittwoch, 6. März 2013



FameUp is a revolutionary online venture combining the excitement of mass-audience driven talent competitions with the passion of the Social Network generation to create, upload and share video content.

FameUp is the future of online video – it is the first production studio powered by the users and the world’s first crowdsourcing entertainment network.

Millions of people want to be actors, directors, writers, presenters — they want their chance to shine. FameUp gives them that chance through a compelling competition process – the public vote to choose the talent for every production – in which it harnesses the talent from online communities and pairs it with TV professionals to create quality online shows. Shows which attract and engage a mass audience. FameUp is aiming to become the leading brand, destination and distributor of crowdsourced, high quality, and original video content.

Welcome to the future of social video. Welcome to FameUp.