Freitag, 22. November 2013

Pura Vida Non Profit

About us

We are KD Ritmi Planeta, a registered creative non-profit group of  7 Slovenian and American diverse artists, musicians and party alchemists  who's been travelling many seas on a quest for pura vida treasures to share with the world, making community celebration blasts happen around the world, combining forces with some great artists and musicians of the present (Manu Chao, Gogol Bordello, Flogging Molly, Kultur Shock, La Minor, Balkan Beat Box...).

We are proud to introduce our life-time invention... a brand new kind of Art!  The art of The Party. A multi-cultural celebration of the momentum, of Now, of Pure Life: a Pura Vida Art-Bash Mundial!  The Event where many forms of pura vida Art created on the planet (music, fine art, photography, video, design, cinema..) and many cultures unite to create an unforgettable mind-awakening blast of ultra-positive energy. Inspiring people, opening the New Doors in the world's future , one event at a time. 

You might wonder what's our Pura Vida Sound Sistema, music-wise? Well, it's like a surf on positive vibe tsunami across music directions, times and continents. Discover the new kind of party!

With your support we hope to bring The Celebration to more places in the world, via series of  events across Europe and United States (Ljubljana, New York, Toronto, San Francisco, Portland (OR), Milan, Stockholm, London, Antwerp, Amsterdam, Barcelona).

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