Montag, 3. Juni 2013

Israelis Will Always Be Entrepreneurs

Serial Entrepreneur Yaron Samid Talks About Spreading The Startup Wealth And His Latest Venture, BillGuard

How does one go from being an unemployed marketer to a serial entrepreneur and then CEO and founder of three widely successful startups? That’s the (several) million dollar question you will have to ask Yaron Samid, the Israeli who, on top of his plethora of titles, still finds time to mentor up-and-comers in the Israeli startup group he co-founded, TechAviv.

“Israelis will always be entrepreneurs”

When asked about his favorite startup (besides BillGuard) Samid mentions Outbrain, the startup founded by another Yaron, Yaron Galai, that you might be familiar with for finding the “recommended pages” at the bottom of content websites.

Samid also expresses his faith in the Israeli startup beat: “Start-ups are as here to stay as any other part of the ingrained Israeli culture, because our whole nation is one big startup. Israelis have, and always will be, entrepreneurs.”

As to advice for budding entrepreneurs, Samid has this to say (not endorsed by Nike): “Just do it! Everyone is scared to take the first step and embarrassing themselves, but they forget that that’s life.”

Samid’s mantra of trying everything seems to pay off, but he also believes that it’s the Israeli culture, which is not scared of  embracing of failure, that plants the startup seed in an increasing number of young people.

His last piece of advice may seem odd for such a calculated person (I mean he does check his credit card charges on Google): “Don’t overthink it. Go home, turn off the TV, learn how to code, and get out there.” View Full Interview At Nocamel

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