Montag, 3. Juni 2013

Civilized Tears

New Crowdfunding Project:

British rocker Tim Bennett and California girl, Bambi Monroe’s band Civilized Tears perform intimate stories told like open heart surgery laid upon a roaring bed of thrashing guitars.
Bennett has supported his musical passions by any means possible. He’s acted in award winning commercials, canvassed for political organizations; cleaned toilets and been photographed for Vogue.
Monroe, raised in Britney Spears’ hometown; is the anti-pop princess. Struggling with her own identity, constantly being pigeonholed as a beauty queen, Monroe’s defining moment came when she severed her golden locks, plugged in an electric guitar and screamed “Miss World” by Hole.
Thank you for being a part of our debut music video for the first single “STARS” off our new album.
We intend to shoot a high quality, low budget music video in Austin Texas using the vibrant and unique city-scape as a back drop. We’ll also be making a trip out to the desert to film some stark, hot, contrasted imagery.

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