Samstag, 11. Mai 2013

Start a huge, foolish project

like Noah ... it makes absolutely no difference what people think of you (Rumi)

THE FLOOD: Highlights from Michael Cayley's panel at Angel Capital Association Summit in San Francisco and others including Naval Ravikant (AngelList), Dave McClure (500Startups), Ayden Senkut (Shopify investor Felicis Ventures), David Rose (Guest, NY Angels), Rory Ekin (CircleUp) and more.

by Michael Cayley, Founder of the highly sophisticated

During day one, Anurag Nigam, providing perspective from his experience of doing 60-plus angel investments (many through Sand Hill Angels), said that “Given what is going on withAngelListSecondMarket, and crowdfunding, it looks like within three to five years angel investments will be a liquid asset class,” and an audible murmur shot through the audience.

In an entertaining Keynote Panel entitled “Thought Leaders in Entrepreneurial Growth and Finance” we were all expecting Dave McClure to light up the room with his renowned colourful language and scathing attacks on traditional venture capitalists but it was Felicis Ventures‘ (investor in Ottawa based Shopify) Aydin Senkut who first praised McClure for creating “the world’s first global angel brand” and then goaded the audience with the question, “Who here is part of a regional angel group, investing based upon region?”

Must have: Liveblogging the accredited crowdfunding panel
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