Samstag, 4. Mai 2013

Mature Businesses Will Use Crowdfunding

If you think that crowdfunding just means smaller companies that launch games and device projects on sites like Kickstarter, think again,

says Carl Esposti CEO of Massolution a research, advisory and implementation firm that specializes in crowdsourcing solutions for private, public and social enterprises.

We are already seeing companies of all sizes attracted to crowdfunding as a way to validate the market potential of products, 

adds Esposti.

Carl Esposti
Behind the scenes, major global companies are running the rule over crowdfunding as a way to leverage their innovation portfolios into the marketplace. Most activity is currently focused on the consumer electronics and entertainment industries but we anticipate it spreading quickly to health and life sciences, retail and mobility.

In their recent report, Massolution stated that more than 625,000 crowdfunding campaigns were hosted in North America last year and the value of the median crowdfunded equity raise doubled its worldwide value to $190,000 in 2012.

“Although many large corporations are starting to learn about equity crowdfunding’s potential impact, the majority of the big players are currently more excited about rewards- and donations-based crowdfunding,” says Alon Goren, co-founder and CEO of fundraising portal InvestedIn. View Full Story

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