Dienstag, 28. Mai 2013

Hey White Sox, Use FunderHut To Support Local

For the community, by the community! 

Join FunderHut.com and get to know local artists, musicians, the Red Sox (ha ha), restaurants and your own neighbors.

What's FunderHut? FunderHut is the new community crowdfunding platform, allowing users to discuss, develop, and fund projects, talk about ideas, help others in times of need, and support future businesses through crowdfunding.

What's this event all about? Community. And what better community than Chicago? We'll be featuring local artists, musicians, businesses, restaurants, cafes, and more… Society Gallery has been nice enough to sponsor the event for us and will be providing us with a beautiful space, so come join us for a fun evening celebrating all the cool stuff the Windy City has to offer! We're your crowdfunding platform Chicago!

Who will be playing?

In a time when most artists spend the bulk of their energy trying to brainstorm over clever band names and contrived marketing schemes, it’s refreshing to see a group that picks honesty over hyperbole. With that very notion in mind, the members in Chicago’s beloved Blah Blah Blah, decided long ago that the music is what matters the most. And who can blame them? With an unassuming name like that, you better make damn sure that your music is way better than just good enough.

Comprised of two friends from Iowa and two Chicago musicians, the midwest quartet really found their footing in 2010 after being voted one of the Chicago Tribune’s next bands on the verge of breaking BIG! While pioneering the genre of ballroom rock, the band has continually won fans over with their emotionally-driven yet upbeat songs that playfully strike a balance between the alternative and organic. With a revitalized sense of vibrance and a newly recorded EP on the horizon this fall, it’s not hard to see why the band is so optimistic about the next chapter of its career.

After touring nationally during the fall-winter, Blah Blah Blah headed to Los Angeles again in February during Grammy weekend for Pre-Grammy events hosted by Garth Trinidad (KCRW).   The band is currently recording it’s debut album.  Come see what everyone's been talking about!

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