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How they help Entrepreneurs:

Access to passionate and knowledgeable investors

Because we only work with health and medical companies, we attract and build relationships with investors that will not only invest in your company, but can help provide connections and industry insight. Health and medical startups are often complex and heavily regulated. Because of this, most investors struggle to make informed and sophisticated valuations of health-related startups. At Healthfundr, we attract investors who understand the nuances associated with health startups and can perceive their true value. In short, we connect you with highly relevant, highly interested investors who are dedicated to the advancement of health technology.

We help you navigate your offering

Let's be honest, although raising capital is enormously important, it's also enormously distracting. It can take nearly all of your attention away from growing your company for months. Unlike crowdfunding portals, we're much more involved in helping you prepare, execute, and close your offering. We help you tell your story at every step in the process, whether its refining your investor presentation and offering marketing materials, conducting market and competitive research, preparing for meetings and calls with potential investors, or just being a sounding board. We're with you from creating your profile to closing your investment round, so you can focus more on what matters -- growing your company.

Industry focus and insight

Like you, we're focused. We only serve health and medical companies. While we're not experts in everything, we have a network of industry experts that can provide specific insight and connections as you grow your company. No generalized funding platform can offer this same focus or insight.

Access to forms, tools, and other resources

We provide you with free templates of legal documents, sample offering memoranda, example financial statements and projections, and other resources to help you with your offering.

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