Mittwoch, 15. Mai 2013

Girls On The Run - For Every Girl! Only 8 Days Left!!!

The innovative FunderHut platform created a crowdsourcing process called Community Wishlist. Everybody can submit, discuss and vote. 

Three examples:

I guess it's a very special moment if someone clicks on "Convert to Project". Now a very important wish with a great social pay-off turned into a real crowdfunding campaign. The project owner emphasized:

On Saturday, June 1 nearly 7,000 girls ages 8-14 will complete their first 5K race at Toyota Park. Another 7,000 community runners and parents will also take part, making the Girls on the Run 5K the largest girl-centered 3.1 mile race in the country. I am raising funds for Girls on the Run – Chicago 

because I want to help ensure that they can continue to serve every girl – regardless of financial need. 

In fact, Girls on the Run – Chicago has made a commitment to ensure that at least 50% of the girls they serve are from Chicagoland’s most underserved, low-income communities. This year Girls on the Run – Chicago will award more than $700,000 in scholarships and subsidies, and next year they are hoping to award nearly $900,000. That said, they can’t do it without our help. With no city, state or federal funding GOTRC is reliant on us – their volunteers, 5K runners, community partners and supporters – to sustain their life-changing after-school programming.

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