Sonntag, 19. Mai 2013

Genius Crowds Is Closed

Genius Crowds, a co-creation company founded in 2010, shuttered its doors last week, bringing an end to the crowdsourcing experiment.

“Today we are announcing that, after a few incredibly creative years, we’ve decided to close Genius Crowds, effective immediately,” the company wrote in an email to its members, which is now posted on its website. “We continue to believe in customer co-creation and collaboration, and are proud to have helped bring an early crowdsourcing product development model to the industry.”

Genius Crowds catered to individuals who had ideas they wanted to bring to market. The process involved multiple steps, as the community voted and provided feedback on the submissions. The platform, developed by Chaordix, ran monthly competitions around certain themes and also managed contests for its partner companies. (We covered the platform’s partnership with Mattel here.) Genius Crowd CEO and cofounder CJ Kettler said the company had developed “ten to twenty” such relationships.

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