Freitag, 12. April 2013

Your Growth Depends On This!

Stage 1: Early struggles of the start-up

The founder is often a visionary with millions of ideas, driven by a sense of purpose and the need to define a particular market he or she wants to develop and capture. Entrepreneurs with new businesses must devote themselves at this stage to finding profitable and sustainable markets, and ones that will allow them to quickly replace seed cash with a constant stream of revenue. “This is the most dangerous point and there’s a very high mortality rate,” McKeown says. Today’s glorification of the start-up and start-up culture is dangerous, he says, because it encourages irresponsibility. In fact, starting a business is all about hard, relentless work.

Les McKeown
Stage 2: Finding the Fun

After about three years of constant struggle, you’ve found your market and your niche. Though your market share is likely to be miniscule, you’re having a blast stealing business away from much larger competitors, and surprising new customers with how great you and your business’ products are. “This is all about sales, and it’s not hard to have triple-digit growth because this is coming out of nothing,” McKeown says. At this stage, you should be compiling the company myths and stories and building the brand.

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