Montag, 15. April 2013


Even an excited Austrian entrepreneur will admit that the downside of the country’s startup scene is the difficulty of exiting. Despite the many government grants for early-stage support, there are hardly any business angels or  venture capital firms that invest in potential highfliers after they run out of public funds.

In Austria, business angels are so scarce that you don’t even need all fingers of your hands to count them. For that reason, most entrepreneurs look for funding abroad and some even leave the country in favour of places like the US and UK.

Austrian entrepreneurship is a mixture of reliability and thinking outside the box instilled with a hint of fear. Failing with your business in Austria is quite different than it is in the US and still has a detrimental effect on the founders – it’s still a bit of a hurdle. Conversely, it might be this need to succeed that allows our agile startup scene to produce a relatively high number of successes. View The Full Story and 5 Austrian startups to look out for

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