Montag, 15. April 2013

Private Crowdfunding

Pozible has introduced Private Projects

Private crowdfunding allows you to run a crowdfunding campaign, but restrict the audience to those you want to share the project with.

This might sound a bit backwards - after all, crowdfunding works by attracting a crowd - but it can be useful in certain situations, where secrecy matters.

Ever wanted to do a whip ‘round for a surprise for a friend or relative but you couldn’t talk about it in social media because they’d find out? Or maybe it would be awkward for an ex or someone you work with to find out about the creative stuff you do on the side?

Or, if your target is low and you know it can be reached with a small number of supporters, limiting the ‘crowd’ could work to your advantage, as you can emphasise the ‘exclusivity’ of a certain goal or reward.

There are two levels of privacy: link-only and link plus password. A link-only project might be useful when you’re not worried about if the word gets around a certain amount, but you don’t want the whole world knowing about it; link plus password can be used in situations where you need to be absolutely sure your project is only known to specific people.

To set up a Private project, simply set up your project as normal, click on Campaign Type and select the relevant check box.