Freitag, 19. April 2013

Guide For Successful Crowdfunding

By Alan from brandnew FunderHut Blog

Starting a Project

Before starting a project there are some important questions that you must ask yourself:

- Will people be interested in what I am offering? If so, who would my target audience be that I want to reach?

- Can I express my idea in a simple way that others would get excited about? How would I be able to get others to spread the word and contribute to your project?

- Do I have something tangible or visible to show contributors to present in your project?

- Do I have confidence that I will be able to reach out and connect with potential contributors as well as post numerous status updates?

- Do I have a budget (plan of action) as to how I intend on spending the funds?

- Am I positive that I can fulfill my campaign promises? (These include timeframes, communications, development of my product, sending out Kudos, etc…)

- Do I have some great rewards in mind that would be incentives for people to contribute?

- Am I prepared to commit to my project and put in the effort it takes to get 100% funding?

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