Freitag, 19. April 2013

Create Online Stores For Crowdfunded Music

"Crowdfunded Products Sold Here"

Though some of these include online stores as part of a larger effort, most are focused on tech and gadgets, areas where crowdfunding has tapped into powerful demand for creative and/or useful products.

Crowdfunded Digital Products [Not] Sold Here

Surprisingly none of these feature digital offerings perhaps because the trend focuses on gadgets and related physical items such as iPhone cases and because digital items are easy to sell directly by creators.

In fact, online web store provider Shopify, whose services include file storage and direct digital sales, even offers a single-item template for successfully funded Kickstarter products called Kickstand.

Beyond that, options for digital sales are numerous and an increasing number of services charge little or no fees beyond the cut taken by PayPal and credit card companies.

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