Donnerstag, 25. April 2013

Canada's Funding Road Show

The Funding Roadshow, a Fundica initiative designed to give entrepreneurs across Canada the opportunity to pitch to a panel of funders, announces that it will hold events in Montreal, Ottawa, Toronto, Calgary, Edmonton, and Vancouver during the month of May 2013. The Funding Roadshow is designed to both better educate entrepreneurs on funding opportunities and facilitate connections between funders and entrepreneurs.

In the month of May 2013, up to 180 entrepreneurs will each pitch their business idea for five minutes and then answer questions and receive candid feedback for five minutes in a boardroom setting. A panel of government and private sector funders in each city will be exposed to a series of up to 30 entrepreneurs throughout the day, enabling them to provide greater visibility for their programs and select potential funding targets.

“We need to make it easier for entrepreneurs to learn about funding and get funded both online and in face-to-face settings” says Mike Lee from Fundica. “What better way is there to do this than in front of a team of serious funders?” he explains.

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