Samstag, 16. März 2013

Self-Regulatory Body

U.K. Homegrown Crowdfunding Platforms Band Together To Create Self-Regulatory Body Without Kickstarter, Indiegogo

by Natasha Lomas

Natasha Lomas, TechCrunch

UK Crowdfunding Association (UKCFA)

The 12 founder members are all relatively small and specialist, counting the likes of startup seed funding platform Seedrs and video games funding platform Gambitious among their number — which suggests the initiative is more about trying to attract attention, and grow some lobbying muscle (they will be “working with policymakers to help develop the right frameworks for crowdfunding”), rather than trying to achieve the impossible: impose order on the unrestricted Wild West of crowdfunding.

While neither Kickstarter nor Indiegogo were founded in the U.K., Kickstarter added U.K.-based projects to its platform last October and Indiegogo launched a U.K. site last December. So the UKCFA situation brings to mind the global daily deals trade association, launched last year, that still doesn’t count Groupon or LivingSocial among its members. Well meaning, but — to put it charitably — risking irrelevance. Full text at TechCrunch