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From Wall St. to Main St.

How it works


Create your project and set a funding goal
Use our Education Page to get the information and ideas you need to create the best profile possible.

Submit your application on
It’s simple to fill out our application and get started on your path to a successfully funded business.

After you have been approved, contact your friends and use the power of the crowd to get the word out and fund your business
Connect with your family and friends through social media and email and use the tools on our platform to get attention and funding for your business.

Engage in dialogue with your investors so they can help you reach your goal
The more you engage and get input from your investors, the more success you will have. Investors can offer much more than capital – many of them have expertise in areas that can be of great help for your business. Once you hit your funding goal, execute your business plan.

Congratulations! You did it!
Keep your investors in the loop, and we will all help you get to your goal and get your new business up and running.


Create an account at
Just answer a few easy questions to let us know what type of investor you are, and you’re on your way!

Browse our vast array of exciting and fully-vetted projects.
You can search by location, type of business, amount of funding needed and more categories to find the perfect opportunity for you. No need to worry because we do our due diligence before posting any project on our website.

Learn more about the business you choose by reading the profile information and engaging in a conversation with the creator and other investors
The more you know, the more savvy an investor you will be. So be sure to join in the conversation – that’s the power behind crowdfunding.

Once you decide, just click the Invest button and choose the dollar amount you want to invest
You can invest in one business or several as long as you do not exceed your personal limit as set by crowdfunding regulations.

Stay involved with the business and use your expertise to help it grow
Your involvement is valuable to the business, and that’s what sets crowdfunding apart from other investment opportunities.

Broker Dealer

SterlingFunder is available to serve as an online technology provider for registered Broker-Dealers. Teaming with SterlingFunder can help you, as a Broker Dealer, in a number of ways:

  • A large database of intelligent investors who will view your investment opportunities.
  • A "second chance" for issuers that previously did not qualify for a capital raise.
  • Referrals from SterlingFunder to a variety of equity/debt opportunities in a wide range of industries and growth stages.
  • Visibility for you, through a wide variety of our national advertising and social media channels. - Ability to develop a new client base.

SterlingFunder will be registered with the SEC. The services, resources, and deal opportunities provided through our portal are exclusively available to registered Broker-Dealers. If you are interested talking about how SterlingFunder can serve as an effective technology provider for your Broker-Dealer, contact Please also follow us on Twitter at @SterlingFunder, on LinkedIn and on Facebook. SterlingFunder