Samstag, 23. März 2013

Joyful Frog


JFDI.Asia launches Joyful Frog

an innovative campus to nurture elite entrepreneurs in Asia.

The latest to join this family is an ‘innovation campus’ called Joyful Frog, a new coworking space just launched by startup accelerator JFDI.Asia — which is currently in the midst of its 100-day startup bootcamp.

While JFDI.Asia did not define the venue, which is slightly larger than a tennis court, as a coworking space per se, it does share many characteristics of one, namely, memberships and a limited number of residences, meeting rooms and ‘lily pods’ for discussions plus a cafe for casual interaction, and entrepreneurial-related events on-site.

Altogether, the various components serve to strengthen and build a particular sort of community (in this case related to startups) — a defining trait that separates coworking spaces from shared offices. View full story