Samstag, 2. März 2013

Fundrazr in Donations

The range of causes highlighted by crowdfunding website Fundrazr speaks to the needs it answers that Kickstarter and Indiegogo won’t. Kickstarter doesn’t allow charity, cause or "fund my life" drives — and even when people do make it through the loopholes, the all-or-nothing funding requirement creates a large risk. Indiegogo allows for campaigns like Fundrazr’s, but takes twice as much off the top as Fundrazr does if the campaign fails.Educational campaigns are just one slice of the pie; many successful campaigns are for health bills,particularly in the United States, and internationally people are willing to donate very generously for the well-being of animals.

Success Story

Brooke’s Story

Beau and Jessica Hester’s daughter, 3- ½-year-old Brooke, is a fun-loving,vivacious, curious girl—much like any other child her age. Sadly, however, Brookewas diagnosed with stage IV neuroblastoma cancer in late 2010—a disease whichhas a childhood survival rate of less than 50%. Upon learning of Brooke’s condition,a family friend set up the website as a way for people to learn of Brooke’s plight, and to give support to families facing similar challenges. 

Since the diagnosis, Jessica has been administering 24-hour-a-day care forBrooke—forcing Jessica to take leave from her full-time job and postpone herfull-time doctorate studies. Further, the family is now faced with the financial burden of prolonged, extensive travel to meet with specialists in Brooke’s disease.

How FundRazr Helped

The Brooke Fights Back FundRazr was created by Jessica after she heard of theapplication through a friend. In her words, “I have no time to work toward anythingoutside of the hospital or home besides my 3-year-old—including fundraising.FundRazr opened the door for me to do it right from the Children's Hospitalbedside.”

The FundRazr which Jessica created showcases a tone which allows visitors tobegin to understand Brooke’s challenges, as well as be inspired by her positivity and hope for a cure. Further, the use of youthful, feminine colors underscores the fact that this campaign is for a small child—someone in need of care and protection from the world’s ills. And by including a YouTube video, Jessica has been able to show people just how positive, high-spirited, and loving her daughter is.

The social media aspect of FundRazr also appealed to Jessica. According to her, “Since we have widespread friends and family, social networking was a good way toget the word spread about the effort to raise money for Brooke's battle.”


Support for the Brooke Fights Back FundRazr has been overwhelming so far—it hasbeen shared more than 175 times online, and exceeded its goal within 5 weeks. As summarized by Jessica, “I was tremendously surprised at the response friendsand family and even extended friends of friends gave toward the FundRazr. It has been truly humbling.”

Daryl Hatton

Daryl Hatton, founder and CEO, loves the challenge of building software companies from scratch. With almost 30 years of experience in the software industry, Daryl has founded multiple start-ups and helped grow one of them to a very successful IPO on NASDAQ in December 1999. He thinks “work” is never a four-letter word when the team is such a great group of people. fundrazr