Samstag, 9. März 2013

6,000 Startups

... almost no waiting

The Startup Channel is an online video channel all about startups and startup people. From raising money to building companies to firing your best friend, The Startup Channel is about the reality of 21st century startups, not just in Silicon Valley but all across America.

The Startup Channel is for all the founders and dreamers, their collaborators, and for investors too.

Watch them show you the deals -- thousands of them -- at a level of detail never seen before.

Bob on The Startup Channel

The Startup Channel will be an online video channel about startups and startup people. You’ll find it probably on YouTube unless some other Internet video outfit makes me a better offer (hint, hint). We’ll be launching with 40 hours of pre-produced content, which is a lot for online video where the typical segments are 3-6 minutes long. We’ll launch with approximately 600 segments. And over the course of a year we’ll produce 250 hours of original content or around 3,750 segments. This is a huge amount of video but there’s a lot to cover in the vibrant startup space.

Eighty percent of our content will be three-minute elevator pitches for new companies. We have a database of more than 6,000 current business plans (the largest such database in existence) with full financials to draw from and hope to produce at least 2,000 pitches per year. The rest of the content will be contextual: it will inform, explain, educate, and entertain an audience eager to know more about startups and startup culture. In that 20 percent you’ll see some familiar footage like all my old NeRDTV episodes including the 13 never before shown. We’ll also have Startup America, a magazine series about startups outside Silicon Valley, and Startup Silicon Valley, a similar series about, well, you can guess, though with more of a company town (insider) slant. These won’t be the only shows, though — there will be many and we’ll continue those that are popular. Read more