Mittwoch, 27. Februar 2013

Social innovation has many guises

The new business revolution is being driven both top-down from some of the world's and New Zealand's largest companies, and bottom-up - by entrepreneurial activists and social changemakers.


Social entrepreneurs are changemakers and pioneers. A social entrepreneur will walk a different path to achieve their mission. Some focus on local communities, some respond to national issues and some focus on children, the elderly or the environment. Where business entrepreneurs identify untapped commercial markets, social entrepreneurs see people and communities in need who have not yet been reached by other initiatives. Their commonality lies in their creativity, willingness to take risk and ability to marshal resources to make an impact. 

Working in the Social Innovation space

Counties Manukau DHB is creating resources at Ko Awatea that enable blending of diverse community activities to grow innovation in health and community. CEO Geraint Martin wants Ko Awatea to transform health and social outcomes in South Auckland. SES new Zealand students will become alumni.

Te Hana Community Charitable Trust is a fantastic model for how Te Puni Kokiri and Alan Gibbs ( and other high-net worth individuals) have invested to help regenerate and revitalise a community to create economic and social development. It employs 27 people and the historic village provides a tourist asset for the wider Auckland region.