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WOODERO iPAD Case - On The Way To The Top

From then until now:

March 27, 2012

Top 5 star rating from trendhunter Sarah Moore:

"The Woodero iPad Case is both an eco-friendly and practical way to protect one's tablet.

While this tablet folio is not the first to be made from solid wood, where it differs from other timbre cases is in its functionality. 

Since the iPad is not permanently contained by the product as with other cases, the user is free to move the tablet around once it is removed from the case. The tablet slides inside of the case rather than having a case built around the tablet so the user does not lose the sleek look of the iPad by encasing it in a bulky container. 

The Woodero iPad Case protects the tablet when it is inside, but slides open to allow the user to prop the tablet upright in the ridges of the case. It also provides space for the user to rest a keyboard to make the tablet function more like a desktop if need be."

April 2013

November 2013 

Crowdfunding at Austrian's #1 innovative with a huge success:

Invest and be part of the WOODERO Community

Only a few days left to crowdfund Woodero

Dec. 9, 2013

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