Samstag, 1. Juni 2013

Back Crowdfunding Revolution

Kickstarted is the first documentary feature about the crowdfunding revolution that tells the inspiring and dramatic stories of the artists, makers and entrepreneurs who are harnessing the crowd to achieve the impossible.

At its core, Kickstarted is about much more than the rise of crowdfunding: It’s about the future of creativity and entrepreneurship. It’s also about the passionate, driven and dedicated creative visionaries who have put everything on the line – their futures, reputations, social equity, even their souls – hoping that the “crowd” will believe in them and their ideas. In the film, we follow a few of these creators’ remarkable stories from start to finish as they rally their communities, raise funds and then face the extreme pressure of delivering something that lives up to their own, and the crowd’s, expectations. As these inspiring journeys unfold, the film will feature exclusive interviews and insights from crowdfunding leaders and experts to help paint the big picture of this crowd-powered movement. Of course, it will also explore our own crowdfunding story as we ask you to help us achieve our dream: to make a documentary film about the creative revolution.

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