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Art Zoco about:

We connect you directly to artisans in the developing world. No more middle men: we want you to be able to buy handmade goods from the artisans who produce them.

How does it all work

We have coordinated with artisans in the developing world to manage an online shop: they created their storefronts, posted their products, and uploaded their stories. They did this all in their native language and then the website auto-translated the text for you to view. In fact, you can even message them and we will auto-translate that too.

When you purchase a product, we send the artisan a text message reminder to ship your order. Once they receive the text, they go to a local internet cafe to print the order info from our website. With the info in hand, they package your order for delivery and then drop it off at a local post office. In a short period of time, your products are on your doorstep. It goes to show just how technologically interconnected we really are.

How we revolutionize trade

The developing world is experiencing their version of Web 1.0; social networking is spreading like wild fire. E-commerce though is still shockingly absent from the equation. 

Our goal is to spread the peer-to-peer internet commerce model we know well in the United States to truly everyone. And in the process, help the poor climb the ladder of economic success.

Sustainable development

On ArtZoco, the artisans are creating their own products, setting up their own online stores, shipping their products directly to you, and receiving feedback from the whole process. They have complete control of their business from start to finish. When you buy products from them, you are helping support them and their businesses in a sustainable and meaningful way. 

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Help ArtZoco soon bringing handmade goods directly from international artisans to you.

Their story:
We served as Peace Corps volunteers and felt it was time to change up the model of how to buy artisan products from abroad. From our service, we recognized that the infrastructure exists for e-commerce to succeed for many artisans in the developing world. ArtZoco bridges the gap of the internet for those artisans. We empower them to sell their products to you directly, where they make a better profit and you witness the impact your buying makes on their lives.

The Founder of ArtZoco

Vince Hartman

Visit ArtZoco Blog for more information
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