Mittwoch, 15. Mai 2013

WiSeed Crowdfunds € 1 Million Through Own Platform

The crowdfunding round took less than three weeks and raised three times what the company expected, president and co-founder Thierry Merquiol told FrenchWeb. Approximately 200 individuals participated in the raise, and the platform offered a 20 percent stake in return for the investment, Merquiol explained to via email.

WiSeed launched in 2009 and has since attracted a community of over 15,000 registered investors. The platform has raised €4.5 million ($5.8 million) in total, and its portfolio contains 23 French startups (not including WiSeed itself).

WiSeed is one of several equity crowdfunding platforms that have orchestrated a profitable return for their investors. At the end of last year, an angel investor bought out WiSeed’s stake in the drug discovery firm Antabio, resulting in a 44% return on investment for the crowd ( covered this story in-depth here).

According to Merquiol, WiSeed will use the money to “accelerate its growth at the national level and take on an international dimension before the end of 2014.” WiSeed is looking at expanding to other European countries, as well as Brazil and the U.S.

“In Europe, we are in discussion with Belgium, Luxembourg, U.K., and Italy,” Merquiol elaborated. “For U.S., it is an opportunity with a company in a specific market (confidential). [As for] Brazil, we think that this country [has] an important potential for crowdfunding, [and] we have people ready to work with us.”

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