Freitag, 3. Mai 2013

Paths To Collaborative Innovation

Each order has its claim to universality, its orthodoxies, its adherents, and its malcontents. Switching sides can bring drama for the order and trauma for the heretic. What do you need to get right, whether you pray on Friday, Saturday, or Sunday?

Behold, the Lean Startup 

Steve Blank published, “Why the Lean Start-Up Changes Everything,” in the Harvard Business Review. Reading his piece, I found my mind pondering in parallel the following thoughts: 

· hegets at the essence of the practice of collaborative innovation 

· heserves me new wine in old bottles. 

In our work to find a meaningful way forward in the Digital Age, we have developed so many approaches to getting at innovation that we risk confounding the good soul who wants to move beyond the idiocy of forecasting cash flows five years into the unknowable future of a billion dollar market that has yet to exist in order to focus on building something that someone, somewhere, may value enough to pay her some small sum, signaling to her that she is on the right path or, if she finds that she is not on the right path, that she can correct her course before she wastes more or her limited time. 

In this article, I speak to the essential elements that comprise an effective approach to the practice of collaborative innovation: embracing empiricism,embracing the big picture, and embracing personal leadership. Read more

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