Mittwoch, 15. Mai 2013

Oskar Goes To Africa

So why not?

- Strange, one might say.
- Why should you? one might ask.

Especially when they are sitting comfortably in front of their computer screens.
Well - when I told my mother about it she said I should at least do it for a cause.

- Raise awareness for something. The bees that are dying, clean water, against fleece and the killing of ocean creatures, frogs, or trafficking, or just for keeping the environment clean.

And sure. I could do that.
There are tons of things I care about.

Those mentioned above. Cutbacks i social securities, laziness amongst politicians, media bias, the persecution of people in need, expulsion of unwanted from the Schengen-area, the fight against racism and nationalism.
 A list that goes on forever, and ever.

It would be, I think, arrogant to pretend that - me walking around singing 'zippedydoda' - would have much of an impact of any of those issues. I will leave the strenuous task to repair this world to people much more competent at it than I am. FundedByMe

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