Mittwoch, 8. Mai 2013

Oh No!

Donald Trump To Launch Crowdfunding Site

Like other properties associated with Mr. Trump, FundAnything uses "the Donald's" brand to promote Mr. Trump as much as it does the product itself.

"I'm giving away MONEY!" reads the banner beneath a photograph of Mr. Trump dressed in a black suit and gold tie.

A company spokeswoman said Mr. Trump is a financial partner but not a founder of the site, which lists as its creators Learning Annex founder Bill Zanker, and entrepreneurs Scott Tilson and Jeno Torocsik. Mr. Trump is a longtime featured lecturer at The Learning Annex, an adult education company.

Though Mr. Trump's celebrity could help the site compete for users and donors, FundAnything does not appear to offer a different model from crowdfunding sites out there already, just one that was more expensive. Read more

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