Mittwoch, 8. Mai 2013

NOcamels On Mimoona

Now Israel is the latest player to hop on with its own equivalent of Kickstarter, called Mimoona (Mimoona is the Hebrew word for “funding” and also a sweet-filled celebration to break the Jewish holiday of Passover.) The site, founded by Nadav Trenter Moser and Arik Marmorstein, has already seen more than NIS 2 million ($ 560,000) in projects funded by the crowd, which has allowed the startup to remain self-funded by taking commissions.

But Trenter Moser and Marmorstein say they’ve done things differently. According to hem, the abundance of projects looking for crowdfunding sometimes stops those with merit eaching the funds they need. That’s how they came up with the concept of “Plug & Fund” to make asking for money over the internet that much easier.

The Plug & Fund platform, still in beta stage, sets out to solve some inherent problems with crowdfunding. “The major problem is a marketing problem. People upload projects to crowdfunding websites and then need to generate traffic, but most people do not know how to go about making their project stand out,” the founders tell NoCamels. Indeed, if you know anyone who has ever put up a crowdfunding effort, they will tell you that the most difficult part is attracting enough traffic to the project. (This is probably because the majority of people do not spend their time looking for home-grown projects to spend their money on.) More Information

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