Freitag, 10. Mai 2013

Middle East Top Crowdfunder

This is one platform for projects looking for a target goal of no more than $5,000. It is supported by Middle East based VC’s. The platform follows an all or nothing funding model like that of Kickstarter.

Projects submitted in this platform are subject to its review. That is before it will go live for social communities to see online. Those that will not make it to its standard will be given help. The entrepreneur behind the idea will be trained under its expert personnel. This is one platform crowdfunding Arab projects who have a small network of supporters. It had been said that they have only had 70 in total.

It is based in Dubai or UAE. But it accepts creative ideas from internationals. However, this is so if provided that it is forcrowdfunding Arab based projects. In other words, creative ideas must benefit the Middle East region.

It is for different creative ideas. Although, if you will visit the site you will see that most published there have something to do with films. But it also accepts science inspired projects and any form of creative ideas.

This is a non-profit crowdfunding Arab platform based in Egypt. It had just launched the service last year on October 2012.  But what makes it stand out is that it is both for crowdfunding and crowdsourcing ideas. Projects looking for funding support or finding solutions can come to this platform.

This is one platform for crowdfunding Arab based projects. It is based in Beirut, Lebanon.  Here, people can raise funds for their small needs.

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