Mittwoch, 22. Mai 2013

How We Keep Them On Board

by Adriana Herrera

In the beginning, my search was frustrating. It seemed as though the only options I could find were women’s business organizations that would create “vision boards” for the companies they worked with using fourth-grade magazine collages or business programs led by people older than my father who had no understanding of emerging technology. I considered getting an M.B.A., but I didn’t want to go into debt learning business principles so that I could one day hope to build Fashioning Change; I wanted to build Fashioning Change. That’s why, when I came across the Founder Institute inTechCrunch, I knew I wanted to apply.

The Founder Institute is a global network of start-ups and mentors that helps entrepreneurs create meaningful and enduring technology companies. As a graduate of the program, Fashioning Change is proud and humbled to receive the support of mentors, advisers and investors who have built and sold some extremely successful companies. They are constantly being solicited for their time, advice and money, and we are very appreciative that they choose to work with us. View Full Story
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