Dienstag, 28. Mai 2013

An Interview With Stuart Heller


An Excerpt: Chapters 1 to 4

Even when your book Retooling on the Run was published almost 20 years ago, you knew it was a blueprint for a much bigger project.

My goal for the project was to present the timeless teachings of change in an easy to apply fashion. In the book, we laid out the core language and technology that supports all of Walking Your Talk’s emerging cloud-based resources. We tried to combine the depth dimension of retooling how and what you do with the real life constraint of “no time.”

What’s been one of the really enjoyable moments in this process of designing the cloud-based extension of the book?

It was after the first tele-call on coaching with the nonverbal, when I was told by the client that people were immediately applying the new practices they learned over the phone with their clients – with excellent results.

I imagine you are going through your own process of self-innovation with this project.

Always! Not only am I discovering new ways to teach using the positive limits of the cloud, I am also discovering how to be connected to clients around the world with my tablet. We need the tools when we need them. And, of course, the project of retooling my normal way of being and doing, is ongoing.

What contributions do you hope to bring to those serious about innovation?
Most importantly, to include yourself in the innovation process. How can your innovation move the world along if you (that is, your normal bureaucracy of habits) stays behind? The project of self-innovation, a.k.a., retooling, is one of the most basic elements of all of the classics of change. More Q&A

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