Montag, 6. Mai 2013

13 Crowdfunding Platforms Shaping 2013

Equity-based crowdfunding

If consumer crowdfunding was hip in 2012, equity-based crowdfunding is the new trend of 2013.CircleUp is an example of an equity-based crowdfunding platform allowing you to receive equity in return for your investments. Many small investments are pooled that take your chosen business to the next level. While mostly concentrating on food products and cosmetics, CircleUp also focuses on companies with a proven revenue stream. Other similar platforms include SeedInvestSeedrs or Robinhood.

Entertainment and collaboration

Crowdsourcing creativity seems like a very vague concept. Though until you look at some popular sites that have joined the stage recently, you might get a better grip of what it is. Sites like PledgeMusicand Sellaband lets you pledge some of your cash to a group or artist of your liking and you’ll be rewarded with band goodies once they have reached their goal. Teepublic is a platform centred around t-shirt designs where people vote for their favourite designs by pledging their moolah. The better the design, the more people pledge, the more t-shirts they will get and the more commission the designers and Teepublic get. More Platforms
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