Dienstag, 16. April 2013

Seriously We Think Free

Brandnew reward - based classic funding on FundedByMe

What is Seriously we think free?

Seriously We think Free Magazine is started by two creative girls: Elina and Denica. They want to make a difference and impact in the publishing industry by creating a printed magazine, while everyone else goes digital. They wanted to make an ads-free magazine with custom design for each article and creative content. They truly believe in the good old print on paper and think that there is no other way to fully enjoy and quality writing and design than with a “physical” magazine in your hands.

For that reason they created ‘Seriously We Think Free’ - the magazine that travels. An innovation of that kind aims to establish and develop an offline media platform for people to tell their inspiring stories, share tips and experiences. The magazine will also offer high quality inspirational, educational content enhanced by unique design.

‘Seriously We Think Free’ is divided into 5 sections and each of these sections can be found and read easily thanks to the unique notebook style cuts. More information on FundedByMe