Freitag, 12. April 2013

Not As Simple

McNelly: How long did it take you to come up with the idea and what was the process of deciding to go with Kickstarter?

Hock: The idea for the Simple Hydration Water Bottle struck me on a brutally hot July run as I was preparing for the Louisville Ironman Triathlon. I was trying to simulate the hot conditions of that race and the late mid-day start of the marathon. I was running a 5-mile loop around a local airport and needed some water in between my car stops for fuel and hydration. I hate to carry bottles or wear a bulky hydration belt so I would stick an Aquafina Water Bottle (with some air pressed out of it) into the back of my shorts. It would kind of stay in place but would ultimately slip down due to the sweat and movement. So I thought: “What if there was a hook to keep it on the waistband?” 

LM: How’d the campaign go? What do you feel worked well? What could you have done better?

Anytime you meet your goal it’s good. We raised $21,180 over the 60 day period of the campaign. Note that this was also the largest Kickstarter funded campaign in Cincinnati back at that time.

The one common characteristic of the successful Kickstarter campaigns was a well-developed and professionally-produced video. So the one thing that I put quite a bit of time against was the video concept and working with a professional firm to produce it. The unique dual personalities of me in the video I feel reinforced the unique design of the product, while injecting some fun.

I could have spent more time upfront planning a better outreach program for both consumers and media. While I had decent social networks on Facebook, Dailymile (running community), Twitter and LinkedIn I found that I was being more reactive than proactive. I also wonder if different rewards at the various pledge levels would have yielded stronger results.

LM: It looks like the campaign generated a lot of press. Was that helpful in attempting to get the product in retail spaces? Or is the plan to stay mostly on-line? How is that transition going?

BH: There’s no doubt that having the bottle funded through Kickstarter was a nice and unique conversation starter with media outlets. We were able to get great reviews in the LA Times, New York Daily News, The Washington Times, The Cincinnati Enquirer and Women’s Running Magazine to name a few. The press was helpful in validating the idea and adding credibility to the product but it really wasn’t helpful with getting the Simple Hydration Bottle into retail stores. We do want to be in retail stores of all sizes but the challenge that we encountered is that our bottle doesn’t fit an established hydration category (handheld, belt or pack) so there is a bit of education that needs to happen both for the retailer as well as the consumer.

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