Sonntag, 14. April 2013

Moon Landing By Crowdfunding

Alan Stern, former NASA executive:

That was the experience I had last year when seven colleagues and I launched the Uwingu campaign on the crowdfunding website. The idea was to create a new funding stream for space researchers and educators outside of the federal agencies that normally fund space research and education, diversifying the funding landscape.

Uwingu's crowdfunding campaign was successful — in fact, it was one of the 25 most successful Indiegogo campaigns ever — with almost $80,000 raised to start the venture. And from that, we've been able to launch our website and begin operations.

That's why I've returned to crowdfunding again, this time for the Golden Spike Company. The money we are looking to raise from Indiegogo is largely symbolic: $240,000 represents $1 for every mile from the Earth to the moon, a figure we believe will resonate with people.

By giving the public a chance to directly fund these commercial space efforts, we hope to create a greater sense of public involvement in space exploration. But the money we want to raise is also meaningful and will help us start our business. View The Full Story On

Golden Spike on Indiegogo