Mittwoch, 17. April 2013

Japanese Crowdfunding

In Japan fundraising has become one of the highest hurdles a startup can overcome. Young Japanese entrepreneurs in dire need of cash, however, are now resorting to “crowd funding” to take care of their financing needs.

How did crowd funding grow in Japan?

In recent months, young people interested in setting up startups have turned their eyes to crowd funding because it is hard for nascent companies to raise funds.

Inspired by IT trendsetter Chris Anderson’s latest book “Makers” and the U.S. “maker movement,” an increasing number of Japanese are looking for ways to produce something outside a factory setting, boosting potential demand for seed funds.

“In the second half of 2012, Chris Anderson’s ‘Makers’ was published and it started to prove the superiority of crowd funding as a way of promoting the Japanese manufacturing industry,” Campfire said in a press release in January.

This method attracts not only entrepreneurs and creators, but also investors.

It is a very useful way of raising funds

said Hiroyuki Kuroda, secretary general for Venture Enterprise Center. 

A lot of people can easily join the projects (as financial supporters) with low risks, if they agree with the purpose.

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