Dienstag, 2. April 2013

IPO Village

IPO Village about How It Works

Given the monumental advances in online social media networking capabilities, lucrative pre-IPO investment opportunities can now be made directly available to the general public...the 99%... the Crowd. Unlike most crowdfunding sites, which focus on private financing transactions, public offerings provide shareholders with the highest level of company screening and due diligence, investor liquidity and a foreseeable exit strategy. 

Traditionally IPOs are underwritten by investment banks. The bank itself commits to buying the shares and in turn resells them (flips), for a profit, to institutional/sophisticated investors before it even closes the transaction with the company. Then the investors turn around and resell it to the retail investors, for a profit, in the open market. The retail investors are the ones eagerly placing the orders through their retail brokers to grab some of these "IPO" shares the second its available for them to purchase. Obviously, at that point, the shares have passed 3 hands and their price has already gone through 2 decidedly upward price adjustments. Our mission is to give retail investors the opportunity to get in on the ground floor of the IPO investment lifecycle. 

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