Samstag, 20. April 2013

Choque - Love It And Back It

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Who We Are...

Me and a few friends started a non profit social enterprise that delivers basic workshops to young people between the age of 13 and 19. The workshops are to teach basic skill in photography and music video / film production. 

The Film..

We are now working on a our first film project, a short film called Choque. The film is  based on two different groups of boys that lead similar lifestyles, for example in both groups there is a positive individual who has an interest in sport and  believe's they can all do better, a hot headed boy who is easily influenced by his surroundings and get's caught up in drama and a quiet more vulnverable boy. 

There are many similarites between the boys however the choices they choose to make will have a massive effect on thier near future. The message that we are trying to put across is the importance of being surrounded by positive people and knowing right from wrong instead of being easily influenced!

Depending on how good this turns out we have plans to write and film a second one to continue the story. The first script has already been written.

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