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Entrepreneurs Investing In Entrepreneurs

General Catalyst about:

GC Seed is an investment vehicle established to support entrepreneurs at the earliest stages of company creation. We focus on seed stage investments in capital efficient companies developing disruptive technologies & business models in potentially large markets. Our investments are primarily focused in Silicon Valley, NYC & Boston but we have made some exceptions in markets we know well.

We’re not afraid of committing before a company has traction. Over the years, GCVP has had the privilege to support entrepreneurs to seed or build a number of companies from scratch including Steve Hafner & Paul English (Kayak), Jeremy Allaire & Bob Mason (Brightcove), Ben Fischman (Retail Convergence/RueLaLa), Chris Dixon & Tom Pinckney (SiteAdvisor), Jeff Glass & Michael Burhmann (m-Qube), Jorey Ramer (Jumptap), Stephan Schambach (Demandware) & many more.

The GC Team
 We believe strongly in backing the most audacious entrepreneurs and then rolling up our sleeves to support them in building lasting companies. We have developed a program to support entrepreneurs who would prefer to initially raise a smaller amount of capital while still benefiting from the entrepreneurial experience of the General Catalyst partnership and a team of top advisors & service providers.


  • Experience is not a criterion – we look for fresh perspectives & disruptive ideas
  • We value brilliance, relentless focus & persistence above all
  • We focus on pursuing the biggest ideas & technical challenges
Whether you’re a brilliant student with a big idea or a proven serial entrepreneur looking to do it again, we want to hear from you. The best way to reach us is through the network of entrepreneurs in our portfolio or through one of our university outreach programs. You can also reach us at

Seed Program:

  • Investments of $50-250k
  • Over the last year, we have made 20+ seed stage investments
  • Rapid investment decisions
  • Access to the resources of General Catalyst Partners
  • Unparalleled company advisory support
  • Recruiting (executive & technical)
  • Design (UI & UX)
  • Technology (Architecture & Scaling)
  • Legal
  • Real Estate
  • Finance

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