Sonntag, 7. April 2013


Security-based crowdfunding is not permitted until the SEC finishes rules and regulations to govern the marketplace. In the meantime 99Funding operates under the safe harbor provisions of existing securities laws, facilitating investments between companies and qualified, accredited investors.

99Funding catalyzed social interaction by the means of so called ISO-Points. It's a smart idea to motivate, strengthen and control action:
ISO-Points can be used to bid for stock in real companies.  You have already earned 25 ISO-Points just for registering on the 99Funding site. You can earn additional ISO-Points by contributing to the 99Funding platform community:  by posting on Facebook, LinkedIn or Twitter, by writing a blog about 99Funding, or for other activities on the platform.  In the future, when crowdfunding is available for all investors, you will be able to use ISO-Points to bid for Initial Social Offering stock in companies that are raising money on the 99Funding platform.  You can also bid for prizes such as iPads, iPods, or Kindles.

The term "Initial Social Offerings" instead of the common Initial Public Offering (IPO) is innovative and registered as a trade mark.

99Funding seems not to be active until now, waiting for the JOBS Act.