Freitag, 1. März 2013

Your Street


Company Overview

Projects,ideas,inventions,and causes: Found and funded here. Founded in 2012, and currently in its Beta release,YourStreet is an online marketplace designed and built to link investment opportunities of any size to interested, motivated investors. The company has built a platform where individuals can fund any investment project, invention, or idea and charities and sponsorships can create a campaign to raise funds for their causes.

The Story of YourStreet

The idea behind YourStreet was driven by its founder Ryan Greene. A few years ago when Greene’s father owned a construction company, he frequently received investment calls. People looking to be a partner in an oil well, a new subdivision, all kinds of great opportunities. The average person, even one with the capacity to take part in such investments, might never know opportunities like these exist. Many qualified investors are simply not “plugged in.”

Greene set out to create YourStreet: A twist on now popular crowd funding sites where people can allocate their money to projects, ideas, inventions, and even charities that speak to their interests, beliefs, and needs.

An average stock will get 7% return, after the lawyers accountants and stock brokers are paid. YourStreet provides an alternative to Wall Street investments, connecting opportunists to one another through a powerful platform. YourStreet connects opportunities with investors, investors with opportunities.

YourStreet puts people in control of their own futures. 

Whether you’re an investment or project owner, or someone looking to assist others financially in the pursuit of their goals, YourStreet is for you.