Mittwoch, 20. März 2013



Young Crowdfunder's ABC

Ask for contributions.

Obvious right? Of course it is. This is your call to action, your tool for success, and all it is, is a 3 letter word—just ask. It’s one thing to showcase your campaign and say “Check out my project, isn’t it cool?” It’s a completely different thing to say “Check out my project, isn’t it cool? I’m raising funds to expand my operation, create jobs, and mass market my product. I would love it if you contributed to it, and I’ll give you this awesome knick-knack in return!” Which one do you think will be more likely to receive a contribution?

Be creative.

We’re bombarded with images, videos, words, ads, products, services, etc. etc. etc. all day, every day. Why are you different? You know you’re different, tell the world why you are. If you’re a musician, write a song about your project and post it on your page (this is no time to be shy my friend). If you can recite the Sumerian alphabet backwards on one leg, well I’m not sure how that will help you with your project, but if it does well then more power to you. Get the attention of your audience, and let them see the real you.

Constantly update.

In a world where we can log onto Facebook and know exactly what 500 people ate for breakfast, we obviously have a need to be constantly updated. Keep your contributors in mind too. I wouldn’t tell them what you had for breakfast, but be sure to let them know the status of your project, how much you’ve raised, where it’s headed, float some ideas past them (since they are your earliest supporters, their ideas and concerns can be an invaluable tool to correct any sort of design or project flaws before you hit the market) and don’t forget to thank them every step of the way.