Sonntag, 31. März 2013

The New Key Player

Crowdfunding - Became The New Key Player in Start-Ups Business Financing

Ever since the emergence of alternative business financing such as micro-financing and peer-to-peer lending, the games of entrepreneurship changed forever. With the conventional financial institutes and banking sector focusing mostly on financing businesses with positive revenue and abundance of liquid assets, start-up businesses are subsequently left behind the race.

But in the recent few years, innovative business players brought about an even more liberate approach to microlending arena, known as crowdfunding. This terminology may sound familiar to many entrepreneurs but somehow the lack of accurate and comprehensive guidance on this area has left many potential start-ups businesses yet to take off the ground.

WHAT is the EXACT things that drive new starters away from conventional loan system in the first place?

  • Lack of Convincing Edge
  • Tedious and Restrictive Loan Processes
  • Now Turnaround Flexibility
  • Risks Of Running Into Debt
  • Steep Repayment Margin May Cripple Young Businesses

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